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Can I Use Makeup to Make My Teeth Seem Whiter?

March 4, 2023

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a person smiling and wearing red lipstick

Your smile is often the first feature that people notice about you—meaning that you should put effort into ensuring it’s as healthy and bright as possible! But as much as consistent oral hygiene and cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening can do for your pearly whites, did you know that the very makeup you wear can also accentuate their whiteness and make your grin seemingly glow? Keep reading to learn more about how this works, along with some suggestions for which makeup colors to consider.

Can Makeup Truly Influence My Smile’s Appearance?

The short answer here is yes—much like how makeup is often applied to enhance someone’s facial aesthetics, it can also be employed to bring out someone’s best and brightest smile by accentuating their teeth. Although, it’s worth noting that simply applying some lipstick cannot undo or reverse any present staining or discoloration on your teeth; it’s more about creating color contrast that makes your pearly whites seem whiter. If you’re hoping to physically change the color of your teeth, you should speak with your cosmetic dentist about teeth whitening; it’s a viable option for most patients in good oral health, with dazzling results that can last for a few months to a few years with proper care.

Good Color Choices for Enhancing Your Smile

Whether you’ve undergone cosmetic dentistry in the past and are hoping to accentuate your smile’s whiteness, or if you’re simply hoping to make your teeth look a little less dull, there are many options when it comes to lipsticks that can seemingly brighten your smile. Here are a few noteworthy ideas:

  • Blue-based red – Red lips are always in season, but using a blue-based red is certainly the way to go—orange-based shades might make your teeth look dim.
  • Fruit punch – This shade mimics that natural stain you get on your teeth and lips after overindulging in fruit punch or eating a cherry-flavored ice pop. Intentionally applying the color to your lips will create a nice contrast between them and your pearly whites.
  • Cool-toned pink – A cool-toned pink is a little less subtle than a bold red, but just be mindful of warm-toned shades that can bring out yellow tones in your teeth.
  • Nude – The perfect color for just about any occasion, shades of nude with pinkish or pale hues can work wonders for the brightness of your teeth.
  • Berry – If you prefer dark, bolder lipstick shades, the purple-blue base of a berry shade will effectively balance out any staining on your teeth.
  • Blue – Although this option is much trendier than others, it’s perhaps one of the best for creating a nice contrast that makes your teeth appear whiter. Bright blue or deep blue both work well, so pick whichever you prefer!
  • Violet – Similar to other blue and purple shades, this cool-toned purple has all of the right undertones to mute any yellow hues in your smile.

The majority of these colors are easily accessible at various pharmacies, stores, and makeup counters—so if you’re hoping to add a little bit of brightness to your smile, you’ve got plenty of options. Of course, visiting your dentist to further discuss your desired goals can also lead to a brightened beam, so don’t hesitate to pair one of these lipsticks with your smile after you’ve undergone teeth whitening.

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