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Delta Dental Dentist

Delta Dental Dentist – Studio City, CA

Learn More About the Benefits of Delta Dental

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Do you have a Delta Dental insurance policy? If so, you should certainly seek to use your benefits to the full. Not only can they help you to maintain your oral health, but they may also prove to be invaluable if your smile ever needs some restorative care. How can you make sure that you are getting the greatest value out of your benefits? Our Studio City team is here to help. As an in-network Delta Dental dentist, we can help you navigate your policy so you can use it in a way that keeps your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.

Delta Dental Coverage Availability & Fees

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Delta Dental offers a few different plans for California residents, so you will have to look at the details of your unique policy to find out how it applies in any given situation. In the meantime, here is an overview of how Delta plans often work:

  • Preventive care: 100% covered. This usually includes cleanings, exams, routine X-rays, and other basic services.
  • Minor restorative care: Up to 80% covered. Minor services usually include fillings, simple extractions, and more.
  • Major restorative care: Up to 50% covered. Major services typically encompass things like crowns and some types of oral surgery. The Delta Dental Basic PPO plan does not cover major services at all.

Your plan may also have a deductible, a waiting period, and an annual maximum. Usually, the annual maximum is around $1,000 - $2,000. Because we are an in-network Delta Dental dentist, we have a contract with the insurance company that controls prices. Therefore, you can expect to get more out of your annual maximum and enjoy lower overall fees.

We may also be able to suggest strategies to help you get more out of your insurance. For example, we can sometimes schedule major services across multiple appointments between two calendar years. You may therefore be able to utilize two annual maximums instead of just one.

Delta Dental Employers in Studio City

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Delta Dental offers individual insurance plans that anyone is welcome to buy. However, they also provide group coverage for employers. If you work for the Motion Picture Company, you may already have a Delta Dental policy that you can use in our practice. If you are not sure if you are signed up for your employer’s dental plan, talk to your HR representative.

We love having the Motion Picture Company in Studio City, and we admire the creativity and technical finesse that it takes to do what you do. There is nothing quite like movie magic! The last thing we want is for dental problems to distract you from your job — or your life — so we encourage you to call us to find out how we can help you use your insurance policy to the full.