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MetLife Dentist

MetLife Dentist – Studio City, CA

Learn More About the Benefits of MetLife

: A dentist talking to his patient about MetLife

True enough, dental care can get pricey. Some procedures cost more due to their methods, high-quality materials, etc. That said, your treatment doesn’t have to “break the bank.”  We at Studio City Dental Arts take insurance from MetLife! If you have a policy with them, your visit likely won’t cost as much. Just let your MetLife dentist in Studio City explain things. So, here’s how your insurance plan can make your dream smile healthy and budget-friendly.


MetLife Coverage Availability & Fees

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At MetLife, there are three main kinds of dental insurance. These are:


  • PPO Plan(s) – A PPO plan offers benefits for a wide range of dental services, and it lets you choose between in-network and out-of-network dentists. However, it often has higher monthly premiums and saves you more money with in-network providers.
  • HMO/Managed Care Plan – MetLife’s HMO plan has no deductibles to meet and no claims to submit. Plus, it has lower premiums than a dental PPO. In exchange, though, this choice has a smaller network of dentists to choose from.
  • MetLife TakeAlong Dental – This plan is an individual policy. As such, you can take it with you no matter your life situation. It even allows you to choose your own dentist, whether in or out of network.


As you’d expect, some of the above plans let you see any licensed dentist. That said, you’ll save more money by visiting an in-network provider. Also, the HMO/Managed Care plan only allows for in-network dentists.


Generally, MetLife dental coverage varies. The savings will depend on the given plan, as one policy may cover more of a service than another does. Even so, most policies generally cover:


  • 100% of preventive services. The deductible is waived for checkups, cleanings, X-rays, etc.
  • 70-80% of basic restorative services. Examples of such procedures are fillings, simple extractions, and emergency pain relief.
  • 50-70% of major restorative services. Relevant examples include root canal therapy, dental crowns, and dentures.


With little exception, MetLife dental plans have a one-year benefit period. (The timeline usually extends from January to December, but not always.) They can also apply yearly maximums and limits to each family member. Given those restrictions, our office will do everything possible to maximize your benefits.


Meet Danielle

To learn more about MetLife plans at our practice, consult Danielle. While new to our front office, she’s worked in the dental field for nearly twenty years. Therefore, you can trust her to verify your coverage before treatment starts. She’ll also answer your questions about how benefits apply to a given procedure. With all that said, go ahead and give us a call . We’re ready and eager to talk to you!