What Every Parent Should Know About Tooth Decay

Educating your Children on Dental Care
December 7, 2012
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March 18, 2013

Most kids are afraid of the dentist even if dental practices such as ours have caring dentistry for kids. Helping your child get over dental phobia is important, and you can reduce unfavorable visits to our dentist in Studio City by preventing the leading cause of tooth aches in children—tooth decay.

Tooth decay happens when bacteria from food particles left in the teeth begin eating away at a tooth’s enamel. Because children generally have a poor record when it comes to oral hygiene and are likely to enjoy sweets and foods rich in carbohydrates, they are at higher risk of tooth decay. Fortunately for children and parents alike, this is one dental problem that is treatable and preventable.

Here are a few ways to prevent tooth decay:

  • The first line of defense is always hygiene, as tooth decay is mostly due to food left in the teeth. Teaching your child the habit of brushing and flossing twice each day will save him or her from dental problems other than tooth decay.
  • Make sure your child consumes a balanced diet. It’s not enough to limit their consumption of snacks and sweets. Having them eat meals with all the important nutrients does more for their overall health aside from keeping their teeth strong and free of cavities.
  • You can ask your dentist about applying dental sealants if you think your child’s teeth have deep ridges. This helps prevent food and bacteria from getting stuck in the enamel. This may be necessary for young children, as they don’t brush as thoroughly as adults do.

Of course, prevention care doesn’t guarantee your child will never experience tooth decay. A visit to our Studio City dentist can provide a kind of prevention no amount of regular brushing and flossing can carry out.

Request an appointment with us and we’ll provide your kid with the same gentleness our patients have come to expect from Studio City Dental Arts.