Educating your Children on Dental Care

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November 28, 2012
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December 14, 2012

As dentists, we recognize the advantages of having a complete and healthy set of teeth. We also know how important it is for parents that their children to benefit from good oral health. Starting your child on thorough dental care at an early age will lead to a healthier life overall.

Parents often ask our Studio City staff what they can do to help start their child on the path to a healthy smile. It can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents, when it comes to educating children on the basics of tooth care. We advocate some guidelines to assist your children in their daily oral hygiene regimens.

Brush Regularly

Young smiles need regular, thorough brushing. Using a soft-bristle brush and mild fluoride toothpaste will help your young ones get used to the regular routine. Make sure to use a pea-size amount of the paste since too much fluoride can be harmful for the tooth enamel. Encourage mild to moderate pressure while moving the brush in a circular manner. This allows your child to attend to each tooth surface while avoiding gum injury and subsequent bleeding.

Attend to Baby Teeth

Encourage your child to come to you for any symptoms involving tooth pain or decay. Even if your child still has not lost all of their baby teeth, maintaining the condition of their oral cavity is still a priority. Decay can potentially ruin the gum base of any permanent teeth that come in, making them loose and prone to falling out. Your child can lose the potential for a beautiful smile before they even have it. When this happens, take your child to our cosmetic dentist immediately.

Prevent Thumb-sucking

The act of thumb sucking is only normal up until the age of 5. Past this age, you should provide deterrents for toddlers who continue to engage in the habit vigorously. This act can move developing teeth forward, giving your child a bucktoothed look, and can also impede normal tooth growth in the process.

Regular Dental Visits

Once your child is old enough to see our dentists, it is best to bring them in right away. By engaging in prompt, regular visits, we are able to pinpoint any problems easily, before they become full-blown catastrophes.

Your children can grow up with a healthy-looking smile with your help! Encouraging them to practice daily oral health is one of the best lessons you can possibly impart.