Toluca Lake Dentist

Toluca Lake Dental Studio City

Studio City Dental Arts maintains some of the best dental practices and care in the Toluca Lake area. Patients can expect quality treatments, excellent personalized service, and a great looking smile by the end of the process.

The head dentist at Studio City Dental Arts is Dr. Proshat Shahrestany, she holds a Bachelor’s degree from UC Irvine and continued on to the UCLA School of Dentistry, where she received several honors and accolades.  Since receiving her dental degree, she has practiced dentistry for over 15 years.

Dr. Shahrestany’s dental services cover teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, implant restorations, dentures, and gum disease diagnosis. She is supported by a wonderful dental staff that is passionate about creating healthy, beautiful, and glowing teeth.

With a great dental staff that respects their patients, Studio City Dental Arts remains committed to their mission of providing the highest quality dental care to patients of all ages and sizes.