Studio City Cosmetic Dentist

Studio City Dental Arts is a small private practice opened in May 2012 by Dr. Proshat Shahrestany.

Our Studio City dentist‘s goal

Is to provide every patient with the best in patient service and care. To achieve this, we start caring for you the moment you walk into our modern office. This extends into our operatories, which are equipped with multiple channels of music and television to keep you relaxed and entertained.

We acknowledge the fact that many patients have a tendency to be fearful and apprehensive. To address this, we use special techniques and the latest technologies to reduce the pain and anxiety often associated with dental procedures. One such solution you will find at our clinic is sedation dentistry, using nitrous oxide. It’s a simple and easy way of getting the dental work you need, without worrying about the pain!

At Studio City Dental Arts, led by Dr. Proshat Shahrestany, our commitment extends beyond the confines of the office. We use the latest in dental technologies; not just to serve our patients better, but to preserve the environment as well.

Examples of this commitment include our use of exclusive digital x-ray technologies that reduce patient exposure to radiation by as much as 80% and eliminate production of hazardous waste at the same time. Although not a legal requirement in California, we use a dry vacuum system that saves enough water to fill three average-sized swimming pools yearly. We also sterilize all dental instruments using the latest Class B sterilization technology, which is not yet required in the field of dentistry, but something that we feel is important to keep our patients safe.

Mercury exposure and disposal are of concern in dentistry, and we use the utmost care to remove mercury amalgam fillings. We use an amalgam separator to safely dispose of mercury and keep it out of the water supply. These are just a few examples of how we go beyond the duties of a typical dental practice to protect every patient and the environment.

We hope these help you with the decision to make us your Studio City dentist of choice. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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